Saturday, March 26, 2011

hai semua~

i just can't wait for 25TH MARCH every year which is both my parents' birthday :) yes it is sooooo true that mak and ayah sharing the same birthdate but ayah was born on 1956 while mak was born on 1958. two years different of age.

at the same date every year, ayah will be at home and not at the office, means that ayah is making that date as an official holiday for him every year :) maybe ayah wants to celebrate his another cherish year of age at home with his beloved family especially mak. 

yesterday on 25TH MARCH 2011, i don't know how i should feel. i'm happy for mak's birthday but i can't express that feeling to her. maybe because of ayah. he is not with her yesterday to celebrate their birthday together. mak must be missing ayah extremely bad. me too :(

now, i live my life as i have to, without ayah. seriously, it is not easy at all. his smile, his looks, everything about him still remain in my heart, my mind and my soul. to live a life with those memories is really killing me. i wish i have only one more chance to hold him in my arms~

there's nothing i would't do, 
to hear your voice again, 
sometimes i wanna call you,
but i know you won't be there :(

don't misunderstand me. it is not about i'm questioning GOD's will. please forgive me at the first place if you, my beloved readers think that way. i am really sorry. it is just about so hard to say good-bye to ayah, the person i love the most~

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wani said...

be strong miss .. :)