Tuesday, April 14, 2009 obsession la...=P

anggun kan kasut was stunning...!!!

collegue : apsal obsess to shoes?
me : for me
me : it builds confidence
me : since i'm in primary school
me : rase kasut pamerkan who u are
me : for me lah

collegue : ohhh..... it some sort of smelly storage device.....hahaha....
me : hehe
me : ish
me : jaga la jgn kasi smelly
me : that's why kene byk kasut
me : pakai lain2
me : klu hari2 yg same
me : mmg la busuk

collegue : what a smelly little melly + a little toe + "cagu".....owhhhh duhhh....
collegue : hahahahha
me : bli saiz yg sesuai
me : tp sy agak susah cari saiz
me : i'm american size
me : muahahahaha

collegue : american size .... ???....sure muat ni kasut saya....
me : hahahaha

p/s : motif post ni adalah...i want this purple shoes so badly!!!

4 tukang tilik:

ima said...

is this purple-stunning-shoe for the obesitis?
kinda confused with the post's title.


..:::R A I F A N A:::.. said...

haha...ima noty eh...suddenly i agree with u...perhaps i can lost some weight...go rai!!!

Anonymous said...

ima it is not sure yes for obsessive shoes kind of person,

raif: who is the colleague?

..:::R A I F A N A:::.. said...

dfadz : huhu...who is the collegue?lg mau tnye kah...